The name's Veli Ihari and I'm a scout for Builders league united. New to the team, but it's nice t'be here.

I'm 24 years old, raised in Paris by my Mum. And just because I only got one leg don't mean I can't run just as fast as any other scout.

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Veli gave a nervous smile to the demolition experts. “Hey dere… whats up?”

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이제 밥먹으러 가야지..!ㅇ<-<
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Roddy snorted and rolled his eyes a little. “I only ever met one dat wasn’t nuts, and he ain’t workin’ here no more.” He said, maybe a little bit of disappointment in his voice. But he shrugged it off, “Yeh, Rori can take good care o’ me. She’s mad at me now though ‘cuz I won’t let her.” He chuckled.

“So whatcha been up to anyways? Ain’t talked ta ya in… Forever.”

"Really? Dude tha sucks man, m’sorry." Veli chimed in on Roddy’s laugh. "Ya stubbrn’ old mule let the chick pamper ya." He poked the other’s back playfully as he laughed again. "Yeh I’m sorry I ain’t about much. I actually went an’ visited a friend at another base for a little bit. I knew I shouldda said goodbye or somethin’." A small sigh escaped his as he ceased his poking attack. "Besides bein’ a sickbutt what have you been up to?"

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Scout the Scout…. wow it’s been a whole year since the last time I drew Scout
Hope you get to see it, Scoutthescout <3
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Lemme just shimmy this into an obscure corner. Aaand…there we go.

Is that scout singing Tom Lehrer music whoopsIlovethatsong }}
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“I ain’t gettin’ nowhere near one o’ dose freaks.” He grunts, moving a bit so Veli could reach his back, “If it gets worse, Rori can take care o’ me.”

The scout couldn’t help the laugh that escaped him, causing him to drop a sheet or two of the pile of stickers he had brought with him. “Nah man ain’t all of m’ that bad right? But I bet this Rori of yours could take jus as good care of ya.” He practically flopped forward onto the other’s back as he continues with his decorating.

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